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F.A.Q. Running

Check the F.A.Q. of running events.

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What is the minimum age to participate?

For the 21km 18 years old for FIDAL cardholders (to be completed in the year of the event).

For RUNCARD cardholders, the minimum is 20 years old.

What do I need to register?

For COMPETITIVE races, in order to register, you must have one of the following memberships:

  • FIDAL valid on the date of the event
  • RUNCARD + Competitive Athletics Medical Certificate (valid on the date of the event)
  • RUNCARD EPS + Competitive medical certificate for athletics
  • WORLD ATHLETICS (for foreigners)

How can I get the RUNCARD?

To sign up for the RUNCARD visit and follow the online procedure. Along with a valid RUNCARD on the day of the race, you need to have a Certificato Medico agonistico per atletica leggera issue in Italy or a valid Health Form

For whom is the 21km tourist-sporting formula (if present)?

Only foreigners NOT residing in Italy, who do not have a running membership, are allowed to register for this formula.

Is it valid a Competitive Medical certificate in which ``Athletics`` is not indicated ?

No. According to FIDAL regulations, the medical certificate must indicate “Athletics.”

If there are indicated other disciplines, e.g.Triathlon or other , these are not valid for running races.

Can I register even if I have not yet renewed my FIDAL membership?

Yes. However, the FIDAL membership, however, must be renewed and updated the expiration date along with the agonistic certificate. Otherwise you will not be able to participate in the race.

Are there special agreements for hospitality and recommended hotels?

Check the race info section to see if we have partner hotels.

I am Italian resident abroad and I have a RUNCARD. What medical certification do I need to present?

If you are Italian resident abroad and therefore unable to make the medical certificate in Italy, you can make the certificate abroad, but you must use this Health Form certificate format downloadable HERE

I am a foreigner and do not live in Italy. Can I participate in the competitive formula?

Yes , only if you have a valid license / membership affiliated to WORLD ATHLETICS, or you can make a RUNCARD (please visit the website and a medical certification to present when registering to the race. For medical certification, you must use this Health Form certificate format downloadable HERE

If I am unable to participate, can I get a refund of the fee?

Refunds are not allowed, as indicated in the race regulation (please read the regulation upon registering).

Can I register the morning of the race?

It is generally possible to register at the Expo the morning before the race, subject to bib availability. Race packet is not guaranteed for on field registrations

Where and what time does the race start?

See the schedule section on the race page.

Where can I find the rankings?

On ENDU website,, on the race page.

Is it possibile to change / transfer the registration to another person?

You should read the race regulation of the specific race, in order to be aware of the deadline in case of transfer. There will be a fee of 7€ that will be need to be paid for the transfer.


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